Jobs in Canada: Migrate To Canada as a Nurse

Jobs in Canada: Migrate To Canada as a Nurse

The Canadian province of British Columbia has a course for highly qualified doctors and nurses to migrate to its territory and obtain residency.

It's the Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) for Healthcare Professionals. This system is dependent on something of competencies, whereby only foreigners with outstanding skills could be selected.

The PNP helps doctors, specialists, nurses, and associated health professionals to work in British Columbia and obtain permanent residence.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible, the applicant will need to have a  job offer (permanent or indeterminate) in British Columbia.

If you do not have an employer yet, authorities recommend going to Health Match BC website to get one; the recruitment and placement service is free.

Doctors, specialists, and nurses can participate. Additionally, there are openings for sonographers, pharmacists, clinical laboratory workers, and physical therapists.


Applicants must demonstrate at least 2 yrs of experience. Also, they should show that they'll support themselves and their family (if they carry one). Most job offers ask to be experienced in English or French.


Once you have an employer, the first faltering step is to generate a profile on the BC PNP website. Then the Healthcare Professional application is filled out.

Canadian authorities will evaluate the record, predicated on the applicant's experience, education, language, and asking salary, and give it a score.

Those selected will receive an invitation to apply in the Skills-Based Immigration section.

These invitations are limited and predicated on annual allocation. They'll then run a lottery to pick applicants for the program.

What Do You Need To Do To Become A Registered Nurse In Canada?

There's the National Nursing Assessment Service (NNEI) which is really a pan-Canadian organization that allows for a preliminary assessment of international nursing graduates (DISI) who want to practice in Canada.

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You are able to apply because this is on the National Nursing Assessment Service (NNAS) website.

Is It Compulsory To Take An Exam?

Yes, it's compulsory to take a test to acquire a license to practice. The National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCBSN) NCLEX-RN exam is employed while the admission to rehearse exam in Canada.

Job Boards for Nurses in Canada

  • Healthcare(

This online job bank is aimed exclusively at professionals in the medical sector. In the event that you enter the category “Nursery RN” you will discover a big listing of jobs. If these pages haven't been of much help to you, you are able to turn to others.

It's the main JOB BANK of the Government of Canada.

On this site, you will discover a field with the names of all Canadian provinces. After selecting a province, you need to pick the Health category and enter “REGISTERED NURSES” while the search term.

  • Workinfonet

To look for work on this site you need to first find the province where you wish to work.

It's among the most crucial labour exchanges on the planet, here it's in its Canadian version. To get informative data on jobs for nurses you need to find the category “Medical Health''

Then you definitely will discover various options linked to the medical sector.


Nurses who desire to immigrate to some other country looking for better job opportunities must look into Canada among all of their options.

Today Canada is among the countries with a promising labour market for migrant nursing professionals from across the world.

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This truth is a result of the small existing Canadian population, along with the increasing amount of people that are near retirement.

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